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Your Quality Partner In China

  • 17+ years quality inspection experiences
  • 24Hours Report, Always faster.
  • Honest, Full time inspectors.

Competitive Price

  • $119/man-day(Full-check) in China.
  • $149/man-day(Pre-shipment Inspection).
  • $199/factory audit, anywhere in China.
  • All-inclusive price, Not add any extra expense!

One-To-One Service

  • Assign specific person manage your orders.
  • Easy to solve problems,save you time.
  • You have a QC team in China.

High Quality, Best Service



QGS was founded in Hong Kong since 2003, we are committed to provide Product Quality Inspection services, Factory audit in Mainland China for global customers. Our service purpose is: According to customer requirements and timely provision of quality products and services, help them to audit, secure, manage and optimize their global supply chain.

QGS has 7 branch offices in China, located in Guangzhou, Ningbo, Shanghai, Tianjin, Suzhou, Hebei, Xiamen, which covered the mainly manufacturing bases in China, we have built a strong team to work for our customers, there are over 57 professional inspectors and auditors,  most of them have 8 years working experience, 40% of them have bachelor degree and 20% of them have M.S. degrees.

We are the completely independent Third Party service supplier, we cherishes every cooperative opportunity given by global customers, you commissioned, we promised !

We believe we are your best 'QC team' in China!

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Advantages of QGS inspection services

  • Professional and full time inspectors and auditor, Details and easy to read inspection report.
  • One to One service, we assign one specific person following up you orders, the person is the leader of  ‘your QC team’ in China. 
  • Competitive Price: Only $149/man-day (all-inclusive) per inspection service anywhere in china.
  • Competitive Price: Only $199/factory for factory audit service (all-inclusive) anywhere in china.
  • Report Timely. You can get the report in 24Hours after finished the inspection.
  • We believe we are your best partner in China.

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